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49+ Homes Michael Jantzen Architect Images

49+ Homes Michael Jantzen Architect Images. He completely throws out the rule book and defies expectations to. The american artist and designer merges art, architecture and technology with sustainable design to create the most unusual and beautiful sculptures.

michael jantzen designs segmented building system
michael jantzen designs segmented building system from www.designboom.com
Note>>location in this map, indicate city/country but not exact address. Text description provided by the architects. Michael jantzen, who considers himself to be an artist and a designer, was born in centralia illinois on may 3rd 1948.

Michael jantzen shares with us his project for the solar eclipse pavilion, this concept design reflects on today's importance of solar generated power.

The main challenge would be insulating the house. Michael jantzen (previously) explores art, architecture and design in his imaginative renderings of conceptual buildings and structures inspired by nature, technology and science. Whether to follow form or function? The solar eclipse pavilion designed by michael jantzen website discover more of the project after the jump:

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