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View Michael Jantzen Architecture Pictures

View Michael Jantzen Architecture Pictures. .pavilion designed by michael jantzen website: The imaginative renderings of michael jantzen present architectural forms that intervene on the natural environment and challenge our perception of design.

Deconstructing The Houses by Michael Jantzen « Inhabitat ...
Deconstructing The Houses by Michael Jantzen « Inhabitat ... from inhabitat.com
Designer michael jantzen's series, entitled deconstructing the houses, likes to combine different art forms, architecture and photography. Michael jantzen (previously) explores art, architecture and design in his imaginative renderings of conceptual buildings and structures inspired by nature, technology and science. The master designer is at it once again with his new public.

American artist michael jantzen uses architecture as a creative medium;

It has been featured in it has also been exhibited at the national building museum, the canadian center for architecture, the. Find out all projects and works designed by michael jantzen on archilovers. Come lui stesso ci tiene a sottolineare, non è un architetto. Conceptual designer, artist, architect, inventor and engineer michael jantzen has come up with radically different methods for us to interact with our built environment and architecture design.

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